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Microsoft Teams is now rolled out across all year groups and students should be familiar with how to access and use Microsoft Teams.

If further support is required, a range of document and video guides can be found below.

How to Contact your Teacher

Students can use their school email account to email their teacher. Find your teacher in the people search tool in Outlook Online.

Students can post in their class team if their teacher has enabled it. This will however be visible to other members of the class


What is my username or E-Mail address?

Students have two username formats; a short one and a long one.

Example of short username - 01AStudent

The short one is used for school computers, Student Grid and Connect VLE. It starts with the intake year and then first inital and surname.

Example of long username -

The long username is used for your Microsoft School ID and Email address. To make your long username or email address you take your short username and add "" to the end.


What is my password?

The password that you use for the computers at school is automatically linked to our core school systems.

Core school systems include: the school computers, Connect VLE, Microsoft 365 (Email, Teams, Office Programs, etc)

Some systems that are set up for subjects have their own passwords. Your teacher can provide these to you.


Can't log into Connect VLE?

For help with Connect VLE please ask your parent to email, asking us for your password. We can only send a new student password after checking that your parent's email address is valid. If the email address doesn't match our records then we may contact your parent by telephone to check.


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